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Why Donate

Ten Reasons to Donate 

1. It’s local. All contributions stay in Lee County, helping local people in local programs.
2. It’s efficient. Our United Way does not hire professionals to come in and run our campaign. It is run by local volunteers. The only paid staff person is our Executive Director. Our agencies are also known for an abundance of volunteer help and modest salaries. All things considered, your donation delivers “a lot of bang for the buck.”
3. It’s easy. One time each year, you make one quick and easy pledge that will help many agencies all year round.
4. Your contribution is multiplied. When our agencies receive United Way dollars, many agencies receive matching funds from other sources. Sometimes, each dollar you give is doubled or even tripled by matching grants.
5. It helps you. Look over our list of agencies. More than likely, a United Way agency has touched your life at some time, in some way. Plus, your donation is tax deductible.
6. It has an excellent reputation. Since our beginnings in 1958, our board of directors has been very conscientious about the distribution of United Way funds. This consistent, responsible, local leadership has made the United Way a respected and trustworthy recipient for your charitable contributions.
7. It’s needed. Our agencies focus on the need of our community. United Way dollars provide needed funds for needed food, needed counseling, needed blood, needed care, and needed programs. 
8. It makes your community better. The best communities take care of their own. As we collectively rise to the occasion to meet the needs of the less fortunate among us, we build a caring, close-knit community.
9. It’s a community-wide effort. A cross-section of local volunteers annually band together to offer everyone in Lee County the opportunity to contribute to a great cause. When you give to the United Way, you can be sure you are joined with thousands of other donors throughout Lee County.
10. It feels good. When you willingly dig down deep in your pocket to help your neighbor who needs your help, it provides a warm satisfaction that doesn’t go away. It really is better to give than to receive.