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Financial Accountability

Lee County organizations benefit from your donations

With the help of the Lee County community, United Way of Lee County will provide needed funding to 25 local non-profit organizations during the 2016-2017 funding cycle.  In addition, we fund community impact initiatives such as 211, Serving UP Summer lunch program piloting in Dixon, Day of Caring, Free Little Libraries, Book Days with the preschool students and our Community Impact Committee is continuously researching additional needs in our county.

Click here to learn about each.

84 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to local nonprofit agencies and our programs.

16 cents of each dollar donated goes toward adminstrative, fundraising and general expenses.

Less than 1 cent per dollar donated is directed to United Way Worldwide for the use of the United Way logos, training materials, online resources and more.  The board of directors feels the benefit our community receives for being a member of United Way far exceeds the cost involved.  

For more information, we have included a copy of our most recent Form 990.